Tips for First-Time Buyers

There are a lot of OSRS accounts available on numerous forums and websites however, they often result in anxiety, frustration, and destruction of hard earned cash.

How To Purchase OSRS Accounts Securely: Tips for First-Time Buyers

The purchase of one of Old School RuneScape account is an extremely risky option when you don't know the right thing to do. There are a lot of OSRS gold accounts available on numerous forums and websites however, they often result in anxiety, frustration, and destruction of hard earned cash.

Everything About buying OSRS Accounts

A large number of websites purchase OSRS accounts from random individuals and then sell them to regular purchasers, knowing that the owner of the account could reclaim the account at any moment. That's the exact scenario you're trying to avoid.

To assist you, we've put together the following OSRS Account buying guides, and have listed all important information you should be aware of prior to purchasing the account of anyone.

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Do not buy a resold RuneScape Account

There are numerous sites and individuals who purchase OSRS accounts from people who aren't even aware of them and attempt to market accounts to make them "safe accounts" however, as we've already mentioned this kind accounts Old School RuneScape accounts can be restored at any time by the individual who set up the account.

It is the reason you should not purchase a bank account from a person who bought it for himself. We strongly suggest buying accounts from the seller.

At rsorder, each sold account is designed by us, and we don't put your account's security in the hands of a random person who wants to get rid of an OSRS account.

Flagged OSRS Accounts

There are many websites that use botting, or third world workers to create their accounts. They are monitored closely. We've all heard stories of countries such as Venezuela performing a large amount of trading in real-world conditions, and consequently Jagex introduced their anti-cheating update.

This is the primary reason we won't allow anyone from countries that have flags to use our accounts.

We are located within The United Kingdom, and all accounts are trained by hand from the UK or in other European countries. In the long run, it helps keep our RuneScape accounts legitimate and under the radar for as long as it is.

If you need assistance getting your account banned then you can check out this article.

OSRS Accounts Recovery

Each and every account, no matter how careful you are, it can be restored from the owner within minutes. That's why you should buy an account from a trustworthy source like Rsorder.

We've since 2013 sold OSRS Gold and RS3 Gold since 2013. We have collected hundreds of positive reviews as well as reviews, and we intend to do this for a long period of. If you ever require assistance in managing your account, we'll always be available.

Fast Woodcutting Leveling

This OSRS Woodcutting guide We will go over the fastest method to gain Woodcutting expertise and also an opportunity to improve your Woodcutting and gain OSRS gold simultaneously.

We strongly suggest to use the top axe as often as you can as it can help you increase your skills in Woodcutting quickly.

The first level is Level 1. 15 and Woodcutting.

From level 1 to 15, you will have no choice but to slash your axe at SImple Trees. They are plentiful throughout Gielinor and you can pick any spot you want but it doesn't really have any impact on your progress as you'll reach the level 15 of woodcutting speed. You can also use an Iron axe, however it isn't any value it, so do not go out of your option to purchase this if already own an Bronze axe.

Level 15-30 Woodcutting

Similar to the basic oak trees Oak is also extensively distributed throughout the world. The most suitable place for cutting the trees should be Draynor or Varrock due to their the proximity to banks. If you're in need of gold, think about the possibility of banking Oak logs since they can be traded for a good sum of gold.

The woodcutting level is 30 to 35.

Have you ever been bored by the axe-swinging, but thought that the lumberjack's way of life is your style? Good. Good. Woodcutting bracket marks the point where players start to notice some differences between paying-to play and free-toplay strategies. RuneScape players are required to cut Willow tree until reaching the 35th level of Woodcutting.

Level 35-99 Woodcutting

F2P players must choose Willow tree for the remainder of the game to buy RS gold, until they have reached 99 Woodcutting. Willow Logs are almost worthless and you shouldn't bother to bank them.


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